Crowne Plaza’s worldwide programme is now in Finland

The main elements of the worldwide Sleep Advantage(TM) programme at Crowne Plaza hotels focus on the primary function of hotel living – sleeping. According to studies, more than 60% of adults have sleeping problems, and sleep deprivation hampers the work ability of hundreds of thousands of Finns from time to time. The purpose of the Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage(TM) programme is to improve the quality of sleep during hotel overnights, thereby improving the quality of the following day. After a good night’s sleep, we feel refreshed, our power of concentration improves, our self-confidence grows and we are more convincing in our presentations.

IHG (InterContinental Hotels Group) analysed the 2007 survey of business travellers and found the most significant aspect of hotel services, in terms of relaxation, to be the comfort of the bed and room. Dr. Chris Idzikowski, the Chairman of the British Sleep Society, has contributed his expertise to the development of Crowne Plaza’s unique Sleep Advantage(TM) programme. A quality bed, luxurious linens and services that meet with the criteria of the new programme all come together to create a sleeping environment ensuring that hotel guests will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to start a new day.

The main point of the Sleep Advantage(TM) programme is to improve the quality of sleep. The bed linens are made from 100% cotton for unbelievable softness. New, soft pillows provide great support for the neck, and plush duvets keep guests suitably warm. For some, falling asleep is difficult, even at home. The Sleep Advantage(TM) programme introduces the unique This Works aromatherapy line. Two of the products in the series contain pure essential oils that help the customer to recover from the day’s stress and to sleep more soundly. When the night is over, the customers can take the products with them and continue to benefit from them at home. The other products of the This Works series are available from major department stores in more than 20 countries and from the online shop.

Crowne Plaza also provides guests with Dr. Chris Idzikowski’s sleep tips and audio recordings, which help guests prepare for a good night’s sleep. Crowne Plaza’s sleep programme also includes a special Quiet Zone. The idea is to achieve maximum silence within a certain section of the hotel. In addition, Crowne Plaza offers its unique guaranteed wake-up call service. The guest will be awakened within five minutes before his/her requested time or the hotel stay will be offered free of charge.

Additional information:
Saija Savela-Palovaara, General Manager, Crowne Plaza Helsinki, tel. +358 40 528 2929
Timo Vehmas, Brand Manager, Restel Hotel Group, tel. +358 50 330 4451                   

(press release 10/2009)