Stylish and elegant Hesperia Restaurant & Bar is serving culinary experiences from breakfast until late in the evening. Our new restaurant, the signature lobby bar and the elegant hotel lobby form together a cozy living room that serves both hotel guests as well as other stoppers next to the historic Hesperian Park. You can enjoy food made from fresh, succulent ingredients and herbs accompanied by a rich, upright selection of wines from our stylish wine cabinet.


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Our restaurant offers honestly fair, tasty and uncomplicated flavors in an atmospheric environment. You can choose from carefully prepared classic dishes familiar to everyone, where you can taste the best ingredients of the season and the most interesting trends. Our menu includes casual, healthy and nutritious delicacies as well as long formula dinner menus with appropriate drinks. Succulent fresh ingredients and easily approachable portions combine with the classic method of preparation. From many servings, such as Bowl salads, pastas and ramen noodles, you can use additional ingredients to make up your desired meal. Our delicious burgers, as well as Hesperia's favorite Hunter's bread, take your tongue away. And what would Hesperia be without decent steaks or salmon and seafood spiced with Scandinavian ingredients! Hesperia’s colorful history is also splattered on an extensive drink menu in the form of 70s cocktails.

Welcome to a taste trip every day of the week.

Historical Hesperia

Originally built in 1972, Hotel Hesperia was one of the top hotels of its time. Hesperia - in the name of the hotel – refers to the nearby park area and its history. In the early 19th century, the area was known by the Hesperia villa and outdoor restaurant in the park. The name of the park is derived from the ancient Greek name of the western countries (Italy and Spain), Hesperia, or "Western country".

The Hesperia Park became the subject of greater interest for the first time in 1758, when a mineral spring was discovered in the park. In 1828 confectioner Christian Menn set up a summer restaurant in the shores of Töölönlahti Bay.

The restaurant at Hesperia Park was a gathering place for golden youth  in Helsinki during the summer. There were plenty of performances, shows, concerts and fireworks. The area also had plenty of amusement equipment such as a carousel, bowling alleys and a small theater.

1873, the new restaurant in Hesperia was built. The ground floor of the restaurant was built of brick and the old wooden house on Mikonkatu street was moved to as the second floor. The restaurant business ceased in Hesperia in April 1892, after which it became a public park.

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