Sleep Advantage

A good night’s sleep makes all the difference to tomorrow. Sleep well and you’ll feel more alert and less stressed. Travel can disrupt your sleep and crossing time zones can affect your internal body clock which can be detrimental to your decision making. And yet you still have that meeting to go to.

Working with Dr Chris Idzikowski, former chairman of the British Sleep Society, Crowne Plaza have created a sleeping environment with advanced bedding features designed to give you a real advantage when you rise to face the new day. Sleep AdvantageTM, a unique programme which includes upgraded bedding and a range of complimentary extras.

Discover The Difference Of Crowne Plaza Sleep Advantage®

Luxuriously soft bedding

Upgraded bedding and superior comfort for a great night’s sleep With a softer duvet, silkier sheets, soothing pillows and a generous mattress topper, your Sleep AdvantageTM bed promises a truly refreshing night’s sleep.

‘This Works’ aromatherapy

Breathe clearly tonight. The award-winning aromatherapy ’This Works’ is exclusively created to Crowne Plaza. Two products were selected, made with 100% pure essential oils, to help you recover from the day and improve your sleep experience.

Quiet Zone

Waking up revitalised is all about sleeping undisturbed. Contact us for details about our designated Quiet Zone where we will take exceptional care to ensure you enjoy a peaceful night. There will be no room attendant, housekeeping or engineering activities carried out from 9.00pm to 10.00am.

Wake-up call 

Wake-up call will be provided within 5 minutes before or after the requested time.

Sweet dreams.