Crowne Plaza Helsinki - Hesperia

Crowne Plaza Helsinki - Hesperia hotel offers relaxing experiences for both business and leisure.

Today, the world is more digital and mobile. The purpose of a hotel trip today is blurred and it is often a mixture of work and leisure.

Crowne Plaza was redesigned the brand to better anticipate the changing needs of guests. Our guests are looking for a balance between their lifestyle and above all refreshing experiences. Seamless transition between work and leisure is an integral part of their hotel experience. Our hotel is designed to help our guests concentrate, relax and unwind.

The Crowne Plaza WorkLife rooms are designed to give you the best possible experience - whether you are on a business or leisure trip or something in between.

All in one room. Work. Have fun. Relax. Each WorkLife room offers the flexibility for a more productive tomorrow. We want you to find a new way to stay. Book a WorkLife room for your next visit!

Downstairs of our hotel there is the Forever Health Club, which offers one of the best gyms in town to our hotel guests free of charge. You can also enjoy the warmth of the sauna and relax for a moment listening to relaxing music. The hotel’s new Hesperia Restaurant & Bar fascinates the taste buds and international atmosphere.